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pale naked romance

2018 . 6 min

PALE NAKED ROMANCE is an affectionate and vulnerable piece that explores romance and all of it's confusions.



director. troy baird

original score. josh pearson

editor. aimee kubo


another hazy may

2019 . 3 min

ANOTHER HAZY MAY follows self-taught, Ukrainian painter and realist, Kateryna, whose controversial opinions and ruthless tone of voice pack a punch of truth.



director. troy baird

dp. jake dyson

music by. oliver tank

colourist. matt campbell



2016 . 6 min

A stylised fly-on-the-wall portrait of a musician moving into profound new teritory. In his elements, we engage with Timberwolf (Chris Panousakis) as he lets his creative process manifest during a 48-hour studio dash. Leading a team of musicians, we study his talent and musical finesse through moments of inspiring elegance.



director/dp. troy baird

editor. phoenix chisholm

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