music video



by hazlett
2020 . 5 min



SUNCATS follows an enormously passionate relationship between a turbulent couple.


director. troy baird

dp. jake dyson

colourist. matt campbell



by hazlett
2020 . 4 min



FIREWORKS follows a small town musician who takes nothing but his duffel bag and guitar across country to start a new life in New York City in the aftermath of the tragic loss of the love of his life.


director. troy baird

dp. azael flores

colourist. matt campbell


feel the same

by sck chx
2018 . 3 min



In a deeply Australian setting, our lead searches for an endearing warmth from his partner.


director. troy baird

producer. brooke lagana

editor. phoenix chisholm

colourist. matt campbell


moon river

by sarsha simone
2018 . 2 min



A sultry, intimate rendition of MOON RIVER.


director. troy baird

dp. mitch ayers

editor & titles. aimee kubo

colourist. matt campbell


re: stacks

by grégoire maret
2019 . 5 min



Liliya Roys listens to Grégoire Maret's cover of Re: Stacks by Bon Iver.

director. troy baird

starring. liliya roys



striking young woman sends a young man spiralling into a fantasy.


director. troy baird

dp.kevin holloway

editor. phoenix chisholm

colourist. matt campbell

wardrobe. brooke lagana



by ruby haunt
2017 . 2 min

nothing more than that

by the paper kites
2018 . 3 min

NOTHING MORE THAN THAT follows a lost young lady, SOFIA, who in the midst of loneliness and love loss, needs to fall back in love with herself to see the beauty in life again.


director. troy baird

starring. raquel esteban


almost there

by the moving stills
2018 . 3 min



A nostalgic portrait of some soon-to-be-timeless musicians.


director. troy baird

dp.kevin holloway

editor. aimee kubo

colourist. matt fezz


i'll remember

by nathan hawes
2016 . 3 min



A quest for inspiration. Sifting through the subtleties of their imagination, three artists pursue creative fulfilment. A comment on how the experience of making authentic art is more important than reaping it's potential praise.


director. troy baird

dp. miller best

editor. matias francisco bolla

colourist. warren lynch


la guardia

by deptford goth
2016 . 1 min



A short mood piece inspired by the music of Deptford Goth.


director/dp. troy baird



2015 . 1 min



TIMBERWOLF is a rising Australian indie/folk/rock artist. With strong roots in 60's and 70's blues and rock, his take on modern folk music emulates soulful but cryptic songwriting, complimented by a melodic blend of guitars and vocals. The nostalgic approach to this film is designed to capture the raw and honest feel of his 2015 'Flux' tour.


director. troy baird

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