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paper narcotics

a moody, sophisticated collection deisgned to match the suave, polished vibe inside bar toto - experiementing with unique and bold framing choices to establish an exclusive feel. 





when  late 2018


where bar toto

        3/189 ocean view road,

        ettalong beach 


files under lost things

when  september - november 2017


where something for jess

        27 abercrombie st


a whimsical collection that radiates a sense of romance. focussing on subdued, secondary colours with an aged 35mm film look, this exhibition is designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia. 



epic places in lesser spaces

a collection of awe-inspiring experiences designed to express the profound level of magic and mystery that exists all over. The grand scale of the places depicted excite and inspire you to seek new experiences that make your heart race and leave a lasting impression.


when  july to october 2015


where hatters tea house

        281 oceanview drive,

        ettalong beach

postcards from poets

an enchanting collection of rare and exctiing landscapes depicting a wild journey through some of the world's most breathtaking locations. 


when  july to september 2015


where screaming bean

        4 talinga avenue,

        point clare

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