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A growing collection of no-budget, non-commercial, shorts made either during location scouts or on personal journeys.



the dailies


mild interactions of an offset mind

2016 . 2 min

A discoloured visual exploration of Vietnam and it's neighbouring countries. An investigation into the people that they've become since the Vietnam War.


director/dp. troy baird


watchtowers of tempe

2015 . 3 min

A ghetto, point-of-view experience into a private shipping container yard where two locals flirt with the idea of getting caught.


director/dp. troy baird

between the bank and the ballroom

2015 . 2 min

fortnight georgia

2015 . 1 min

A portrait of a town in Central Australia. An insanely bizarre wasteland that oozes weird personality and where the residences, surrender to the scorching 50 degrees celcius heat.


director/dp. troy baird


Three days after a tragic, life-changing event a farmer lays in a dead corn field with a heartbreaking chore ahead of him. 


director. troy baird

dp. miller best

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